Carry-on Baggage Screening

The XDAS system of detector boards is ideally suited to provide an ‘L’ shaped dual energy X-ray detector array for carry-on baggage screening.

Each board has 64 high energy and 64 low energy channels on a pitch of 1.6mm. 10 boards would be required for a tunnel size of 60cm x 40cm, 16 boards for a tunnel of 100cm x 60cm.

The detector boards are daisy-chained to a signal processing and control board. 16-bit data is output to a processor via a range of interfaces.

Typically “dual energy” systems are used in baggage screening, enabling the system to discriminate between materials of different atomic number and identify potentially explosive materials. The XDAS detector boards are designed for dual energy use with both low and high energy detectors fitted to a single detector board.

Systems increasingly have more than one detector to provide more effective inspection. These are “multiview” systems and a signal processing board is available to process the data from up to 6 detector arrays.

Detector pitch is normally 1.6mm but alternatives are available.